Volunteer In France

Volunteer in France

La Giraudiere opened its doors in 2007 and since then over 600 persons, volunteers, interns and educational groups from around the globe have either volunteered and helped out with the project or learned from the results of the volunteers input. Here, you will find links to volunteers testimonials, blogs, articles and videos.
Read how volunteers have helped and their testimonials and articles

Australian volunteer

If you are thinking of volunteering in France then you should read what others have said about their stay. This way you know if La Giraudiere is for you, visit


Doctor Rohlings volunteers working holiday

Volunteer writer Darrell or Dr DJ Rohling wrote an article Volunteers Working Holiday
 about his stay at La Giraudiere. To read his article and other visit -

 Volunteer's Articles


Volunteer blogging

Past volunteers have written blogs about their stay; some were very happy, others apprehensive
and for some it was not for them or not what they were looking for so maybe you should read
links to the different



La Giraudiere iBlog

In 2011 the volunteers at La Giraudiere began blogging about La Giraudiere it's volunteers and life in and around the project and Brossac. During the season there are normally weekly updates, so if you think you have what it takes to be a budding journalist then why not come along and become the writer of our blog
 La Giraudiere's blog for Volunteering in France Blog

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The 2019 volunteers program starts 1st May 2019 and will continue until the 30th September 2019
 The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 - 6 weeks.

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