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La Giraudiere opened its doors in 2007 and since then over 600 persons, volunteers, interns and educational groups from around the globe have either volunteered and helped out with the project or learned from the results of the volunteers input. Here, you will find links to volunteers testimonials, end of volunteers stay appraisals, blogs and posts from volunteers, articles written by volunteers and some famous writers, videos produced by the participants and what the press & media have to say.

Testimonials come in all shapes and sizes it could just be a note of thanks or a post card with a memory of your visit so here we place everything together so you have links to the testimonials, links to the articles and appraisals which are upon our blog. Plus there are some testimonials in the way of videos so please watch and enjoy.

If you are volunteering in France at La Giraudiere then you should read what others have said about their stay. Co-habitation, living with a group, working as a team is not always everyones cup of tea but, there again maybe you should try it.

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Volunteers Testimonials

Visit our Blog and read after leaving appraisals and post from volunteers
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Read articles from previous volunteers  some of which are accredited writers
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Watch videos produced by volunteers
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Look at what the press & media says about La Giraudiere project and it's unique culture exchange in France
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The 2019 volunteers program starts 1st May 2019 and will continue until the 30th September 2019
 The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 - 6 weeks.

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