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Lisa american volunteering in France

"In the morning, I walked back to the Rue Mouffetard and had a cafe au lait at one of the little spots along the seemingly endless
 street. Originally, I had planned to take the 6:20 AM TGV out of Paris, but fortunately Paul Rice, the project manager of La Giraudiere,
 said that he could pick me up from the later, 10:15 AM, train."
Lisa from the USA planned a long stay in France working after La Giraudiere but fate and help with a web page took her to Italy.

Simon Oxford volunteers

"I first saw an advertisement for La Giraudière as I searched for 'Work Abroad in France' on Google in February, two months
before the program started. This blog is an account of my activities, aimed at those looking not only for work experience,
 but also those interested in life immersed in French village culture."


Monica american volunteerin work abroad

"I spent the first 4 weeks in the south of France (Roquemaure) living with a French family and teaching them English. The last two weeks I spent in Paris sharing an apartment with my friend and celebrating my 40th birthday. La Giraudière is the last leg

of my French adventure and I am looking forward to a great experience."

Monica from the USA found more than she expected on her working holiday

Anne Dave Scottish couple volunteers in France

"Our flight from Luton touched down in Bordeaux on a mild, grey day in early May, destination La Giraudiere in rural

Poitou Charente. Our host, Paul had kindly arranged for one of his ex-pat friends to collect us at the airport and we were 

soon speeding along in the evening rush hour, travelling northwards through the Charentaise countryside, on an interesting

and somewhat mysterious six-week adventure".

Read what Anne and Dave from Scotland

thought of their working holiday

Michelle american volunteering at La Giraudiere

"It was Monday, the 5th May in late afternoon. I arrived in Angouleme, France, at the train station after traveling for 12 plus
 hours from Colorado. I had gone to France to take part in a work abroad program for three and a half weeks, and the
 program coordinator was supposed to pick me up....."

Read Michelle's blog about her apprehensions prior to her stay at La Giraudiere

Adrienne english volunteering work in France

"I came here as I wanted to get a taste of life in France before buying a property here. I also wanted to work some of the time,
 as I get bored on normal holidays. I am staying for four weeks and think in this time I will learn much about life in France and
 hopefully improve my French language skills. Also it looked such a unique opportunity and an interesting project and it is!!!"


Louise english volunteer

"Holly and I were looking for jobs in France to improve our French before we emabark on our years abroad. We found

La Giraudieres working project and after being accepted booked our flights for 28th July-20th August. Here is the 1st few days

of our stay at La Giraudiere."

  Louise used La Giraudiere as part of her 2009 travel plans read her blog to see how it spanned out

Judith spainish volunteer working

"After studying French for a couple of months during the summer of 2010 in San Sebastian (Spain) I decided it was time to

cross the border and practice my new language skills. Given that I had just graduated and did not have a great budget to

spend, I thought a working-holiday not to far away from home."
Read what Maria a Spanish volunteer said about her stay in 2010

Spains flag

A Spanish view of La Giraudiere from  Judith a Spanish volunteer at La Giraudiere

Japan flag

Hiroko  explains the logistics of such a trip gives help and

advice in Japanese on how to apply

flag of china

Minjie Li from China explains how she found La Giraudiere and how she went about arranging her trip

Chinese Volunteer

german flag

Rosemary during her stay at La Giraudiere in 2011 put together some pages in German ~
 Freiwilligenarbeits programm

Darrell american volunteer

Darrell or Dr DJ Rholling wrote an article about his stay at La Giraudiere to read

"Volunteers Holiday at La Giraudiere"

Visit Volunteers Holiday in France

usa flag

The 2018 program starts 23rd April 2018 and we are open until the end of October 2018
The recommended stay is 3 weeks but you can apply for 1-6 weeks

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