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La Giraudiere opened its doors in 2007 to volunteers and since then over 600 persons from around the globe have volunteered and helped out with the project. Here, you will find links to the volunteers' articles some of which written by accomplished novelists and writers.

"Unique French Experience" is an joint effort article started by Kelly Kean from the USA and finished by
 Merise Riddell from Australia. This articles tries to explain that while some projects claim to provide an opportunity to become

 immersed in the country's language  and culture, most lack the unique global and  French experience
 that La Giraudière provides.

unique french experience image


The importance of learning French an article all about the reasons to learn the French Language. When you volunteer at
La Giraudiere you will receive a French lessons each week during your stay. The lessons are carried out by English
speaking qualified French teachers. Many volunteers and interns have profited by the French lessons provided
 but also just as important is the opportunity to become involved in rural French life to read the full article visit
learn french in france
Learn French In France

Li Minjie was studying in Macau, she explains how a chinese person can volunteer in France at La Giraudiere so she
 applied for the Schengen visa at the Consulate of France in Hong Kong and Macau.
This article will help any Chinese volunteers wanting to apply and be a volunteer here at La Giraudiere

This article will help any Chinese volunteers wanting to apply and be a volunteer here at La Giraudiere 这 次旅行的故事从我决定到法国南部乡村度过我大学最后一个暑假开始。在今年农历新年放假前,我在Google上搜索了南法的工作假期计划从而找到了La Giraudiere.

chinese volunteer in france

How Chinese person can volunteer in France

Jordan from the USA recounts her volunteering voyage as a first time lone traveler, not just in France but her first time in Europe.
 Read about Jordan's experience of volunteering at La Giraudiere in the South West France's countryside

first time traveler from USA

Jordans First Time Lone Traveler article

Volunteering Abroad is an article written by Reuben Lachmansingh.
Reuben Lachmansingh, a published author from Canada. As a volunteer in France, He came with a unique personal experience,
 having participated in the International Cultural Exchange Programme (ICEP) started by the late Robert Tesdell (1919-2001)
from his New York city office. read Reuben's article and more about him at

volunteering writer


The ‘French’ experience – c’est normal
A month after leaving La Giraudiere Barbara from Australia sent in this little article titled The French Experience she also said "as they say in the classics, the memory lingers on and will for many more years because La Giraudiere is a unique and special place."
Barbara Booth has been a freelance journalist for over 20 years, published nationally in newspapers and magazines including The Age, The Canberra Times, The West Australian, Qantas Club magazine, Home Beautiful, and OzArts. and more you can
read her article now at

French experience for Australian writer

The French Experience

"Volunteers' Holiday" is an article written by Darrell J Rohling
Volunteer writer Darrell or Dr DJ Rohling wrote an article about his stay at La Giraudiere
 titled Volunteers Working Holiday. He also is accomplished author with many publications in the USA
 To read is article titled a volunteers Holiday visit -

Doctor Rohlings volunteers working holiday


"Take Time Out to Volunteer" is an article written by Caroline O'brien after her 6 weeks
volunteering in France. Carry writes about  time in academia but is happy to admit that from time to time the pressure got to her, things became intense and life got a little more difficult. Read her article you may well have been there yourself

Taking time out to volunteer
Take Time out to Volunteer

Australia Could have been French is an article written by Nannette Holliday whilst volunteering at La Giraudiere in 2012
Believe it or not if it wasn’t for the French Revolution Australia could have been partly French now, just like Canada,
with two languages and cultures. Although a globe-trotting adventurer now, before taking up her photographic and literary career, Nannette worked in PR, marketing, communications and advertising in Australia

A French Australia

A French Australia

The Freedom Preparatory Academy of the USA chooses La Giraudière for its'
Cultural Experience in France – Read on our blog post about how a school trip abroad to France pans out for the academy

American culture experience in France

USA Academy Cultural experience in France

Articles from Press & Media

Media & Press articles and not just from the local press but from around the globe. There have been many over the years
so visit volunteers press page and read

what the papers say

What the Papers Say

The 2019 volunteers program starts 1st May 2019 and will continue until the 30th September 2019
 The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 - 6 weeks.

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