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La Giraudiere opened its doors in 2007 and since then over 500 persons from around the globe have volunteered and helped out with the project. Here, you will find links to the volunteers' articles.

"Volunteering Abroad" is an article written by Reuben Lachmansingh

Reuben Lachmansingh, a published author from Canada. As a volunteer in France, He came with a unique personal experience, having participated in the International Cultural Exchange Programme (ICEP) started by the late Robert Tesdell (1919-2001) from his New York city office. read Reuben's article and more about him at

volunteering writer

"Volunteers' Holiday" is an article written by Darrell J Rohling

Volunteer writer Darrell or Dr DJ Rohling wrote an article about his stay at La Giraudiere
 titled Volunteers Working Holiday. He also is accomplished author with many publications in the USA
 To read is article titled a volunteers Holiday visit -

Doctor Rohlings volunteers working holiday

"Unique French Experience" is an joint effort article started by Kelly Kean from the USA and finished by
 Merise Riddell from Australia

This articles tries to explain that while some projects claim to provide an opportunity to become
 immersed in the country's language  and culture, most lack the unique global and  French experience
 that La Giraudière provides.


unique french experience image

"Take Time Out to Volunteer" is an article written by Caroline O'brien after her 6 weeks
volunteering in France.

Carry writes about  time in academia but is happy to admit that from time to time the pressure got to her,
things became intense and life got a little more difficult. Read her article you may well have been there yourself 
Take Time out to Volunteer

Time out volunteering by Caroline O'brien

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The 2018 program starts 23rd April 2018 and we are open until the end of October 2018
The recommended stay is 3 weeks but you can apply for 1-6 weeks

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