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Articles about volunteering in France at La Giraudiere is a page where we provide you with links to the articles that have been written. If you are thinking about applying or maybe you have applied and wondering what goes on then take some time to read what other have said about their stay or maybe it is an article relating to something other than La Giraudiere.


A Unique French Experience in France

While some projects claim to provide an opportunity to become immersed in the country's language and culture, most lack the unique culturel exchange experience that La Giraudière provides. This article was started by Kelly Kean from the USA a volunteer in July 2012 and followed up by Merise Riddell from Australia a volunteer who added to this article in September 2012.

  A Unique French Experience  Read about what is a real  Unique French Experience


A Volunteers working holiday

A Volunteer working holiday is an article written by Dr DJ Rohling, An American Volunteer at La Giraudière in August/September 2012. Dr DJ Rohling is an aspiring novelist who writes abou his volunteering abroad in France experience A Volunteer working holiday

Read about Dr Rohlings Volunteers Working Holiday

Take Time Out Volunteering  An article from Caroline O'brien an aspiring Math teacher from the UK

Volunteer Abroad A Canadian writer explaining why volunteering abroad is the best for immersion into local life

First Time Volunteering  Jordan from USA choose La Giraudiere for her first ever trip abroad alone

 Learn French In France read article about learning French in France

Chinese Volunteer in France  Read Minjies article about being a Chinese volunteer in France

Australian writer volunteers in France  Read Barbra Booths article/testimonial and see the magazine article she published.

Volunteering Abroad Some reasons to choose La Giraudiere for your volunteer abroad experience


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