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Volunteers Videos in France

Videos produced by the volunteers about either their stay or the project or community events and the Erasmus european funded programs here in South west France 

Zach from the USA prepared a video about his gap year and how volunteering at La Giraudiere became
part of it

gap year volunteering france

Meet Jamie from UK, Kellie from Spain and Sophie from Italy! Some of La Giraudiere's past volunteers who
worked on the YERRF project, a project co-funded by the EU and La Giraudiere, learn more about ...

video erasmus groupp volunteers 2017

Three of the volunteers from 2018 Spring group sit down for a bit and tell Lill about their volunteering
experience in France at La Giraudiere and what were the best moments and what 
were the best
memories will they takehome with them! 

video volunteers spring 2018

The Christmas program at La Giraudiere was a great success and here you can see a slide show of the
 Christmas Dinner at La Giraudiere with friends, neighbours & volunteers on Christmas Day 2013.

Video Volunteers Christmas Day 2013


Meet Paul the founder of La Giraudiere's Project and present director and find out why 600+ Volunteers have
 attended this project and learn why he began this project!

Video Paul the project director 2018

In 2008 Michelle from USA produced probably the first ever video of the restoration work and the project at La Giraudiere
Michelle was here for 3 weeks and worked on several projects during her stay. In 2008 it was not sure exactly what
 La Giraudiere would become!!
video volunteer project france 2008

This video is an attempt recreation of the 2008 video originaly made by an American Volunteer by the name of Michelle. It is an explanation from Lilly also from USA of this and its projects, as well as layout.
Video of volunteering project France


John Law from Scotland is a third time returning volunteer and due to his continued support many
of the projects have progressed, There can be no better testimonial than a returning volunteer thanks John!

video scottish volunteer returning 2018

Community events come in all shapes and sizes, over the years La Giraudiere as held many different
events from Christmas Markets to Brocants in this video Volunteers at La Giraudiere put together
 a celt or gaelic evening in the south west of France at La Giraudiere.

video gaelic evening france

Our resident Scot, Eilidh, taught some of our 2008 volunteers how to ceilidh dance. Eilidh voluntered at
 La Giraudiere in 2008 and helped with marketing and blogging the project.

video of scottish volunteer dancing

This past certainly stroke a chord with us, in this video our Spainish volunteer tells you a bit about what he
did here in France and why he decided to join the volunteers project at La Giraudiere.

Spainish Volunteer video

Steven from China visits a local fete near Brossac and tries to become the skitle champion but unforutnatley
 fails despite the help from Sidney LG's Labrador

Chinese volunteer Steven

La Giraudiere volunteer Matthew joins the Brossac team in the tyre-rolling event in the Brossac area Intervillage
Games hosted by Guizengeard. Brossac came first in the event with a time of 27 seconds.

video volunteer la giraudiere france

Our European Erasmus Projects

This is part one of the YERRF videos series and is about an Erasmus co-funded project in South West France
directed by the association of La Giraudiere called Les Amis De La Giraudiere. The name of the project
 is Young Entrepreneurs Rejuvenate Rural France you can find more info about

Video YERRF Project part One

Welcome to part 2 of the YERRF video series. In this video we introduce some of our new volunteers, international
 and European, here at La Giraudiere, and give an outline of our recent achievements and our goals for the next
steps in the project. YERRF stands for Young Entrepreneurs Rejuvenate Rural France. It is a project
co-funded by Les Amis De La Giraudiere and the European Commision

Video Yerrf Project Part Two France

YERRF is the acromyn for Young Entrepreneurs Rejuvenate Rural France and this is the third video published
 about a project which is co-funded by the Erasmus+ program and Les Amis De La Giraudiere.
Volunteers from around the globe create a one stop shop for young entrepreneurs

Video Erasmus project YERRF in France

Volunteers Reviews, Articles and Testimonials
Read reviews and Volunteers Articles written by previous volunteers about their experiences. Discover what Carrie, a volunteer from the UK thought about taking time out volunteering or maybe what Darrell Rohling, a Doctor from the USA wrote about his volunteer working holiday. Hundreds of volunteers have passed through the doors of La Giraudiere, with many sending reviews, articles, letters and cards of thanks.

You can read more at Volunteers Testimonials

  2019 Volunteers Program
The 2019 program starts 1st May 2019 and we are open until the end of September 2019
The recommended stay is 3 weeks but you can apply for 1-6 weeks and we are taking bookings now
For the application form and the process visit Volunteers application Process

Erasmus+ Accredited
La Giraudiere is an accredited receiving organisation for the Erasmus Plus program  a program operated by the European Commission under its Life Long Learning program. for further detail of what is planned for 2019 for our Erasmus volunteers and how you could help visit  Erasmus Project in France

erasmus project france

Read about the application process &
Apply Now
Apply to Volunteer now

The 2019 volunteers program starts 1st May 2019 and will continue until the 30th September 2019
 The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 - 6 weeks.

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