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Unique French Experience

"This article, A Unique French Experience, was started by Kelly Kean from the USA, a volunteer in July 2012
and followed up by Merise Riddell from Australia, a volunteer in September 2012.

While some projects claim to provide an opportunity to become immersed in the country's language and culture, most lack the unique French experience that La Giraudière provides.
What exactly is meant by "A unique French experience?"
There are many different ways to visit France, each one offering something different. For some a "unique French experience" is simply by ordering a coffee and watching the world go by from a square in the centre ville. Others prefer the busy southern beach towns of the Mediterranean coast, museums of Paris or the beautiful scenery and the chateaux of the Loire Valley. But what if you are a courageous soul looking for something entirely different- something unique? What if you want a way of getting to know the French and their lifestyle from a place within theirs? It is this very opportunity that awaits you in the rural heartland of southwest France at La Giraudiere, Brossac.

La Giraudiere is a 'place of learning' where you can experience France from within; a place where challenges to interact across the language barrier will be rewarded by the hospitality of the French people. During your stay at La Giraudiere you will be encouraged to participate in the weekly events within the village. Other local meeting spots where you can meet, converse and interact with the local community include the bar and restaurant by the lake. Your host at La Giraudiere will also introduce you to both the locals and the patrons.

The yearly village fetes offer yet another opportunity for you to be involved in village life. La Giraudieriens are continually invited to help with the preparations for the Fete du Muguet- a spring fete held in May and for Bastille Day in July. In October the Autumn Fete which entails a 10km walk with stops for roasted chestnuts and grape juice from the recent vendage is something which you may be invited to. 2012 saw La Giraudiere helping out with the South Charente cycle tour; a local event like the Tour De France and enjoying the fun of the Jeu Inter Village, a contest between the Brossacaise and the neighboring villages.

Obtaining an insider's glimpse of the French lifestyle naturally means speaking French. The weekly French lessons at La Giraudiere are excellently taught and the goodwill of the local community encourages even the most timid. The sense of accomplishment in discovery through one's own efforts to talk with the people is very satisfying.
The weekly marchès are part of the rich tapestry of local life into which La Giraudièriens are drawn as an important part of their learning experience. After your first week in Brossac your visit to the Chalais market boosts your sense of belonging to the broader community as you hear bonjour from someone you have met during your first week.
 From La Giraudière a traveler can enter the rich, rural traditions of French generations. He/she can absorb the serenity and rhythm of a rural lifestyle that has continued over centuries in a landscape still displaying its ancient foundations. Here in Brossac at La Giraudière you can gain a unique French experience, a true taste of France’s remarkable joie-de-vivre!

"This article was started by Kelly Kean from the USA a volunteer in July 2012 and followed up by Merise Riddell from Australia a volunteer in September 2012.

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