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Last Updated 17th March 2018

Volunteering in France - The Volunteering Projects main page

Volunteers Benefits  The benefits to the volunteer for Volunteering

Volunteers Frequently Asked Questions Many questions have been asked and here are the answers

Where is La Giraudiere Just where in south west France is La Giraudiere's Volunteers project and how

to contact us

Application Process How do I go about applying for a volunteers place

Volunteer Objectives  What is planned for this year and how can I help

Application Form  Complete the form to apply for a place

Fees to Volunteer  Details of the fees to volunteer at La Giraudiere

Volunteers Blogs Links to blogs from the volunteers

Article about Volunteering Read articles written by volunteers

A Unique French Experience  Read about what is a real  Unique French Experience

Volunteers Working Holiday   Dr DJ Rholling writes about his volunteering experience

Take Time Out Volunteering  An article from Caroline O'brien an aspiring Math teacher from the UK

Volunteer Abroad An article explaining why volunteering abroad is the best for immersion into local life

First Time Volunteering  Jordan from USA choose La Giraudiere for her first ever trip abroad alone

Volunteer Testimonials Read what other have said or wrote about their French Experience volunteering

Volunteers Code of Conduct  This pages outlines what is expected from volunteers

Volunteers Agreement  This page explains what you are agreeing to by applying for a volunteers place at La Giraudiere

Christmas Volunteering in France  Forget that same old Christmas and come along and help

Volunteers Christmas Holiday 2015 Volunteering Read how the 2015 Christmas program went by

EVS Volunteers Project  Read about the latest communial project

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The 2018 volunteers program starts 23rd April 2018 and will continue until the 28th October 2018
The reccomended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 - 6 weeks.

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