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Volunteer Christmas in France

Christmas Volunteering in France

We need volunteers to come and help put together a perfect Christmas in France.
The Christmas program starts on the 2nd week in December  and
finishes on the 7/8th January. You can come and volunteer for 1,2 or 3 weeks.

Christmas Holiday in France
So there is no building work or property restoration and no gardening unless you really want to no just getting ready for Christmas and the new year celebrations. We need volunteers to help with the marketing of the events, then once marketed and advertised we the volunteers will be preparing for the events. Christmas decorating, the tree the cards. Then we as a group plus some help from local volunteers will be responsible for holding these events.

Christmas in France

Marketing would not just be on the internet no we would visit other Christmas markets and festive events in our area and distribute flyer's and other advertising materials inviting and same time making everyone aware of what is going on at La Giraudiere. Then we have to decorate La Giraudiere to make it into a Christmas picture.

In return for your volunteered work and your accommodation fee, you get 3 meals a day and lodgings, your own room (unless you have asked to share with a friend or partner), transfers, advice, training, group excursion and a Christmas to remember. Basically the same as throughout the year but with the additional benefits that Christmas offers. You can read more about the Volunteers Fees.

Planned so far for Christmas

 Christmas welcome party. An evening of music, christmas carols, hot wine, mince pies and whatever else we can add to make a festive evening. Locals will be invited to either participate or simply come along and enjoy.

La Giraudière will be hosting a Christmas sing along carols evening.  There will lots of planning and setting up to do so as well as helping serve mince pies and warm mulled wine to keep you and the local visitors warm on this busy day.

Christmas Market visit - Angouleme or Perigueux to be decided which ?

Carol service at Chalais - date unknown at present time

Christmas Eve

Brossac village midnight mass followed by hot wine and midnight walk

25th December - Celebrate Christmas Day and Christmas dinner at La Giraudiere in France 
  Christmas day would be a full Traditional Christmas day with presents, crackers and a traditional Christmas dinner followed by an evening of fun and games including pool, darts and cards accompanied by mince pies and creme-anglaise plus whatever we can think to add.

Christmas day in France

Invitations to those that are alone on Christmas day would be sent and they would be encouraged to come along and help create a Christmas day to remember. Christmas 2013 we had over 20 people for dinner a group of all ages and up to 8 nationalities a great success for our first ever Christmas at La Giraudiere. As the years go by the word as spread and there is more each year so come along and help create this Christmas celebration.

Some Christmas excursions venue to be decided once you are here in 2015 it was Perigueux and Brantom this year who knows but
you can read about 2015 at Christmas 2015 Volunteering in France

New Years Celebration in France
Very popular in France is the new years eve and new year day celebrations. In 2015 we as a group set off to Bordeaux and stayed the night in a hotel celebrating the new year in Bordeaux. Another alternative maybe a local new years eve fete yet to be announced. We the group will decide.

 You can come for one, two or three weeks you decide. All are needed the important thing to bring is a willingness to enjoy, a festive spirit, muck in and help out.

Normally to stay in south west France during the Christmas holiday with full bed and board would cost around 70 - 100 euros per day, maybe more, but La Giraudiere offers you the chance to stay from as little as 22 euros per day. As a Christmas volunteer, you would be expected to give at least 21 hours of your time each week of your stay working on the project but maybe more if needed but do not worry it will be full of Christmas fun.

Read how previous years went Christmas Volunteering in France

Erasmus+ Accredited
La Giraudiere is an accredited receiving organisation for the Erasmus Plus program  a program operated by the European Commission under its Life Long Learning program. for further detail of what is planned for 2019 for our Erasmus volunteers and how you could help visit  Erasmus Project in France

erasmus project france

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The 2019 volunteers program starts 1st May 2019 and will continue until the 30th September 2019
 The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 - 6 weeks.

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