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We Need your help to make it happen
You want to volunteer? Maybe you need a change of scenery or an holiday with a difference? Do you like France?
 Like to improve your French?
What about a volunteers working holiday in France
 - Now all is possible at La Giraudiere

Open Spring Summer and Autumn and Christmas
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A Unique French Experience

A Volunteers Holiday in France

Take time out to Volunteer


La Giraudiere initially opened its doors to volunteers with volunteering opportunities back in 2007, and since then has accommodated over 500 volunteers from around the world. This fine old stone built
 charentaise masters house called La Giraudiere is being renovated, restored and transformed into a place where people, students, schools and groups from around the globe can come and learn about France, Improve their French and live the French way of life without breaking the bank.

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2011, saw the foundations laid for the School Trips to France website aptly named, "School Trips to France" and to date we have already tested our logistics and accommodated school trips and groups from the UK and the USA. La Giraudiere remains unfinished and work continues on the restauration of this fine old French stone built property together with it's park and gardens. "Les Amis de La Giraudiere" our association together with other local asscociations will be holding communal fund raising events throughout 2015 and yet another special Christmas volunteer program is planned for Christmas 2015.

"Do you think you can come and help make this all happen?"

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In return for your 21 hours of volunteered work per week you will benefit from the Unique French experience that only La Giraudiere offers. You will get your accommodation, 3 meals a day, French lessons and so much more, all from just 18 euros per day. You can read exactly what is rewarded for the work and your input at

The Benefits of Volunteering at La Giraudiere

"Who can Apply to help?"

La Giraudieres' volunteers' project and it's program is open to all. People of all backgrounds, ages, and nationalities are invited to apply and have the chance to live together, learn about each others' lifestyles and exchange their knowledge, experiences and skills, whilst helping with the Project at La Giraudiere in France.

La Giraudiere project as been described as "a Culture exchange like no other before" Volunteers would be preparing for those to come in the future the same as those who came in the pass have prepared for you. The only criteria is all volunteers should possess a willingness to help and get involved. So if you are retired you can come and contribute your experience and students come and bring some new life into La Giraudiere. Skilled or unskilled, all are needed.

"What are the Fees?"
Prices start from 18 euros per day, normally accommodation to stay in south west France with full bed and board would cost around 80 euros per day, maybe more, but La Giraudiere offers you the chance to stay from as little as 18 euros per day. As a volunteer, you would be expected to give 21 hours of your time each week working on the project. The cost for single accommodation would be about 182 euros per week, which is 26 euros a day. For those sharing the price is reduced to 140 euros per week, which is 20 euros per day.
You can read more about the Volunteers Fees.

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"What work is there that needs to be done?"

Volunteers are needed to help with all types of work from event organising for the association, construction, renovation and the property maintenance. Landscaping, gardening, writing articles or blogs for our websites, researching, marketing, household management, administration, general office duties, and more. You can read more on the work opportunities and work volunteers can offer and what is planned at What volunteers can help with There is still a lot to do, but the project is now well on the way of reaching its goals.

La Giraudiere offers you a truly unique French experience that cannot be compared to anything that has passed before. To give you some idea of what is on offer you can read what other volunteers wrote about their Unique French Experience Read what Carrie a volunteer from the UK thinks about taking time out volunteering or maybe what Darrell Rohling, a doctor from USA, wrote about his volunteers working holiday Hundreds of volunteers have passed through the doors at La Giraudiere and many send reviews, letters and cards of thanks for their stay at La Giraudiere you can read individual testimonials throughout this site but also by visiting Volunteers Testimonials

Open for Spring program, Summer programs, Autumn and Christmas Program

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