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Volunteer in France

Do you like rural France?
Need a change of scenery, A holiday with a difference, Meet some new people,
Like to learn or improve your French? Learn some new skills or maybe pass on those you have.
All is possible at La Giraudiere when you volunteer in France
We need your help
This once masters house is being restored and renovated to be an auberge, or hamlet, a place of learning where people from all walks of life, can experience and learn about France, improve their French and immerse themselves into the rural French way of life, allthough the project is unfinished, we have allready accommodated over 500 volunteers and interns from around the globe. University, academies and school groups have also made use of the La Giraudiere project and it's programs.

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The project is unique thanks to those that have volunteered before you can now profit from their help and you can spend some time in France without breaking the bank.  In exchange for your 18 hours of volunteering per week you will get to experience France like never before. You will get accommodation, 3 meals a day, weekly group French lessons, excursions and so much more all from just €22 per day.
Read more about the The Benefits of Volunteering

La Giraudiere is open to all. People of all different backgrounds, ages and nationalities are invited to apply. You will have the opportunity to live together, learn about each others’ lifestyles and exchange your knowledge, experience and skills, whilst helping with the project in France. The project has been described as “a cultural exchange like no other.” The only criterion is that volunteers should possess a willingness to help and get involved. So students can come and bring some new life to our project, retired, contribute your experience and help others, skilled or unskilled, all are needed!
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Volunteers are needed to help out with all types of work, from event planning to property maintenance, household duties to office work, article writing, erasmus projects to marketing and from Landscaping to gardening. You can read more about the different volunteering  opportunities available at: How Volunteers can Help.

The 2017 program starts 29th April 2017 and we are open until the 8th October 2017

You can apply for up to 6 weeks but 3 weeks is the reccomended.

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La Giraudiere offers a truly unique cultural experience in the heart of rural France. Read reviews and articles written by previous volunteers about their experiences. Discover what Carrie; a volunteer from the UK thought about taking time out volunteering or maybe what Darrell Rohling; a Doctor from USA wrote about his volunteers working holiday. Hundreds of volunteers have passed through the doors of La Giraudiere, with many sending reviews, articles, letters and cards of thanks.
You can read more at Volunteers Testimonials

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This year, 2017 we have an additional program to offer. La Giraudiere is now an accredited receiving organsiation for the
Erasmus Plus program a program operated by the European commision under its life long learning program. Further details will appear at Erasmus Project in France


Fees start from just €22 per day. As a volunteer, you would be expected to give 18 hours of your time a week to work
on the project. Read more about the fees at  Volunteers Accommodation Fees

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The 2017 program starts 29th April 2017 and we are open until the 8th October 2017

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La Giraudiere Erasmus +

La Giraudiere, an accredited organisation Under the European lifelong learning program Erasmus Plus, you can read more about our Erasmus Project in France